Always stuck in sticky situations, the mischievous pets need their Besties to pull them out. So sweet and fun, so come and squish with us!


Babsy Bear & Barley Bacon

is a squishy friend with a giggle that jus't won’t quit. She can find the funny in any situation.

Bitsy Bunny & Dani Donut

always means well, but sometimes she trips over her words – and her own two feet! But it’s ok. Her clumsiness is embraced by her friends

Felina Fawn & Chessie Chocolate

is the best at figuring things out, but her smarts about how things work get the Smooshies into more trouble than it helps them out of. Oops.

Frankie Frenchy & Fritzy Frie

is the Smooshy who's got a bit of attitude. You might even say she's salty. She loves her friends but if she's bored, she'll let you know.

Kaley Kitty & Mooky Milky

is a crafty ringleader who always seems to know where the next adventure will be.

Lolli Lamb & Cami Cotton Candy

likes fun and adventure as much as the rest, but she's the one who says: "Idk, guys. Are you sure this is a good idea? Maybe we should think about it"

Popsy Piggy & Punkin Pancake

is the messiest squishy around. She can't help it. Sometimes fun and adventure (and mischief!) leaves a trail.

Suki Squirrel & Nimi Nut

is what her friends call a little nuts. The most daring of the bunch, she'll leap full speed into (just about) anything.

Kaila Koala & Charla Chocolate Milk

Labella Lamb & Dita Donut

Marney Monkey & Cora Cocoa

Petula Poodle & Casey Croissant

Cari Cow & Mitzi Milk

Scout Skunk & Cilia Cinnamon Bun

Bayla Bear & Cala Cake

Chelly Chicky & Peggy Eggy

Chalsea Chick & Sophie Strawberry

Lauren Lambie & Billie Bun

Sammi Skunk & Choco Mint

Vanessa Vanilla & Milkwhite

Mackenzie Monkey & Pierre Croissant

Casey Cow & Sunnyside

Peggy Penguin & Sunny Sundae

Colby Corgi & Chilla Vanilla

Casey Corgi & Sandy Sandwich

Suzy Snow Leopard & Bobbi Bubblegum

Rose Rabbit & Sara Sundae

Faye Froggy & Wendy Wafer

Lola Leopard & Mikki Mochi

Mimi Monkey & Robyn Rainbow

Peyton Pony & Cherry Yummins

Marla Mouse & Pita Petit

Tillie Tiger & Petunia Puff

Patsy Pug & Cadence Creampuff

Sailor Squeaks & Rosie Raspberry Pie

Tabby Tiger & Fauna Fondant

Aubrey Owl & Bethy Blueberry Pie

Molly Mare & Sara Sprinklepop

Selina Seal & Casey Cornball

Hayley Hedgehog & Libbie Lolli

Gillian Giraffe & Porter Pops

Belinda Bat & Dottie Delish

Olivia Octopus & Taytum Taffy

Falina Fawn & Gracie Gum

Uma Unicorn & Flossy Fluff

Bitsy Bunny & Tiffy Taffy

Lolli's PB&J Packed Lunch

Babsy's Chicken 'n' Waffle Breakfast

Felina's Scrumptious Shortcake

Kaley's Smores Surprise

Fussy's Sunnyside Special

Udelle's Yummilicious Cake

Suki's Taco Fiesta

Bella Blueberry Macaron

Rozy Raspberry Donut

Suki Strawberry Cake

Fifi Frosted Toast

Drina Drumstick

Winnie Whip Cream

Chiya Cherry Popsicle

Olla Orange

Shaya Sushi

Joli Jelly Toast

Super Rare Samira Smore!

Kandy Candy Apple

Shyla Sugar Cube

Cocoa Muggins

Flo Fudgepop

Toasty Jamjar

Blinky Berry

Bradley Bar

Ramona Redpepper

Penelope Pastry

Charlie Churro

Emily Frostingcake

Francois Frenchum

Sabina Sweet

Caramel Crunchbite

Piper Peanut

Penelope Pineapple

Barry Berrymallow

P.B. Jamison

Teddy Taco

Poppy Kernels

Malory Fudgepop

Fortuna Cookie

Nikki Nugget

Rachel Ricetreat

Casey Corndog

Vee Nilla Creme

Mina Mellon

Coco Creme

Sydney Siracha

Bobbi Rito

Teddi Spaghetti

Peta Pop

Tasha Take-Out

Stella Stacks

Yolanda Yogurt

Macarena Cheese

Hazle Spread

Tanya Taiyaki

Jully Gel

Millie Milk

Dippy Nana

Summer Berrycrunch

Chloe Cottoncandy

Pia Peachring

Landon Lolli

Aniston Applering

Gabi Gumball

Ryan Rockcandy

Bobbi Bubbles

Trina Truffle

Petunia Pop

Cammie Crunch

Tanner Twizzlestix

Tatum Taffy

Corrrina Cake

Noko Cocoa

Sarina Soft Serve

Buttons Burger

Susanna Sorbet

Florence Flapjack

Sammy Smores

Tappy Taco

Fara Frie

Shaynie Sushi

Dolce Donut

Charlee Cherry Pie

Gabby Gooey Raccoon, Pepper-O-Nee Pizza, and Raina Raspberry Macaron

Yummy Peppy Pup, Callie Cake, and Penelope Pickle

Sassy Fussy Fox, Chelsea Churro, and Marlowe Avacado

Harper Hippo, Wanda Waffle, and Emma Eggie

Libby Labby, Freddie Fries, and Heather Heartsicle

Riley Red Panda, Dottie Dumpling, and Reena Rice Bowl

Heidi Hen, Jazmine Juice & Harley Hashbrown

Benjamin Bulldog, Felix Fishstick & Princess Penelopea

Lolli Lamb, Rita Riceball & Sheila Sushi

Skyla Sprinkles & Shailey Shake

Bobbi Bobas & Baba Bubbles

Una Noodles & Sienna Soysauce

Udelle Unicorn and DeLana Banana

Cassanda Panda and Briella Blueberry

Kassity Kitty and Mallery Strawberry

Halle Hamster and Marni Mango

Padma Panda & Cherry Chica

Kitty Smitty & Selena Strawberry

Yolanda Unicorn & Candi Cotton

Harmony Hammie & Calista Creamsicle

Holly Husky & Darla Dunkz

Libby Llama & Candi Cottoncorn

Nixie Narwhal & Sheila Shake

Selma Sloth & Marsha Mallow

Ava Arctic Fox & Starla Strawberry Creme

Baily Beluga & Rosie Rainbow - Whip

Bernese Bernadette & Mindy Mint-Whip

Cassanda Panda & Sherry Cherry Creme

Gayala Goat & Bethy Berrywhip

Portia Polar Bear & Milli Mint-Chip

Ronni Rainbowcorn & Carrisa Unicorn Creme

Willow Walrus & Bianca Berry Creme

Binky Baby & Fitzy Frog

Fluffy Frou Frou & Skunky-Boo

Cuddly Cub & Bearymoore

Sweet Peep & Lil' Lambie

Boo Boo Bunny & Cutesy Cottontail

Missy Mane & Sugarhooves

Mimi Moolawn & Moo Moo Macie

Frankie Flappy & FiFi Flopsy

Sienna Sparky & Roxie Foxie

Pupper Patty & Polly Pawpaw

Peggy Piggie & Curly Sue

Denny Doodle & Pinky Puff

Mallory Chunky-Monkey & Tillie Tails

Wendy Waddles & Lucky Clucky

Air Aniston Applering

Air Pia Peachring

Air Ryan Rock Candy

Air Sophia Sweetheart

Air Mary Mallow

Air Mallory Mallow

Air Lana Licorice

Air Cassie Crunch

Air Tina Taffy

Air Bobbi Bubbles

Air Lexi Lolli

Air Lola Lolli

Air Rae Rainbow

Bear Pear




Cup Cake


Frog Poo


Lamb Bottle

Monkey Cup


Poodle Cotton Candy

Unicorn Poo